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BeJeweler Pro EURO - hotfixlaite

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BeJeweler Pro EURO in English
32,90 €

BeJeweler Pro EURO

Since 1992, the original and finest hot fix tool on the planet...

PRICE: 32,90 eur

BeJeweler is the fast, fun, easy way to apply Swarovski hot fix crystals! Pro models are design patented with a soft, thermoplastic handle that hugs your hand for the utmost comfort.

Youtube video link:

- Design patented truly ergonomic handle.
- Shortest nozzle for precision placement of crystals.
- No dangerous open heat vents.
- UL, CUL, ICE, CE, RoHS certified.
- IEC 60335 safety approval.
- Matching cleaning brush.
- VDE plug (works in most of Europe).
- 5 year limited warranty.
- Pattern / instruction insert.

2mm (SS06), 2,5mm (SS08), 3mm (SS10), 3,5mm (SS12), 4mm (SS16), 5mm (SS20), 6mm (SS30), 7mm (SS34) + hotspot

Hot Spot tip = for all other size, shape hot fix products.

Orders can be made via email also. Please contact kim.laamanen@alemana.fi. Deliveries around the world.


Tuotekoodi Nimi Hinta Kpl Osta
bjeuro-boxfront.jpg 1782/12023 Bejeweler EURO
29,90 €

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